Thomass Man Music School


School Year 2017-2018

Our music & dance tuition starts on September 4th, 2017. Please contact your current teachers for more details about days […]


Instrument Rental – newly short term

We expanded our music instrument rental for a short term lease. For more details, please see a section Rent or […]


Thomas International School of Music & Dance

was established with an aim to provide public with the best possible musical and dance education along with maximal client service. Lessons are led by selected professional and semi-professional musicians and dancers, who apart from their pedagogic activities play actively the instruments or actively dance. Teachers’ professionalism and their concert/performance and contest praxis guarantee the quality of lessons.

The school offers

dance classes and classical musical education but it also focuses on jazz, folk or current pop repertoire. Repertory, genre, as well as supposed artistic development is discussed in details with a client in order to prepare tailor made lessons. Unifying element of our education is is providing the best possible quality of an instrument play technique and maximal effort to hold students´ interest and motivation during lessons in order for them to feel happy about music and their results.

The school provides

lessons of dance, singing and play of unlimited number of musical instruments: piano, violin, cello, guitars (acousticelectric, bass guitar), double bass, recorder, flute, saxophone, oboe, clarinet, trumpet, drums etc. You can contact us and ask for any other instrument you would like to play and we will provide you with your particular instrument teacher.

The school ensures

lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced musicians and dancers. The lower age limit is 3 years; otherwise there are no other limitations. It is not exception to teach adult beginners or those who want to play an instrument after several-year break.

Classes in different languages

Our teachers (in relation to their nationality/country of origin) speak English, Russian, Slovak, Belarusian, Serbian-Croatian, Arabic, Japanese, Ukrainian and Czech.

Lessons at home

The majority of music lessons take place in comfort of your home. Students do not have to lose their time by transportation to school but teachers will come to their place. Another option for students is having lessons at their schools right after finish of their classes or at Prague 5.

School concerts

Twice a year, all students have possibility to perform at concerts organized by the school. Concerts are recorded in a high sound and picture quality and you can order them on DVD/Blu-ray disc. For more information look at a section concerts.

International Exams

Our students have successfully passed ABRSM, IGCSE and IB Music exams. Contact us for providing of details of requested exams.

Instrument rental & sales

We rent and sell different music instruments. Do you need to help with selection of appropriate model/instrument? Contact us! We are offering short and long-term instrument rental and sales for internet price.

Piano accompaniment

We also offer a professional piano accompaniment.

English lessons

The school also offers English language classes with native speakers.