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School Year 2017-2018

Our music & dance tuition starts on September 4th, 2017. Please contact your curent teachers for more details about days […]


Instrument Rental – newly short term

We expanded our music instrument rental for a short term lease. For more details, please see a section Rent or […]



Performances of pupils of our school take place at least twice a year. The aim is to show parents, relatives and friends results of half a year or one-year effort at school. Participation in concerts is not mandatory but it is recommended. The concert tends to be a big impulse to more intensive practicing, faster learning of pieces and overall artistic improvement of a pupil in a short time period.

All students are attentively prepared for their performance. Choice of repertoire and methods of practicing have one aim – to make a pupil look forward to a performance, be happy about what was learnt and to perform under a good psychical condition. Successful performance in a beautiful and inspiring hall in front of those closest is the best motivation for further practicing. That is why the choice of concert halls is very important in order to fulfill the most demanding requirements.

Concerts are recorded in a high quality on DVD/Blu-ray disc which has a standard menu, printing and colorful cover. All participants have an opportunity to order this disc. It is interesting to map artistic development during several-year studies through the recordings. If a part of the performance is not absolutely perfect, that can be a bit edited or deleted, upon the request of performers or their parents.

You can order your DVD/Blu-Ray also additionally. All performances are archived.

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