Thomass Man Music School


School Year 2017-2018

Our music & dance tuition starts on September 4th, 2017. Please contact your curent teachers for more details about days […]


Instrument Rental – newly short term

We expanded our music instrument rental for a short term lease. For more details, please see a section Rent or […]



We currently offer the following courses:


  • Kids in Motion (for pre-school children)
  • Street Dance
  • MTV Style
  • Modern & Contemporary Dance
  • Ballet


Tanec - Andrea VykysaláSMALL

Courses can be extended to any other dance style. Do you have your own idea? Write us!

On the lessons we reflect physical level and age of our student. We organize special courses schools and kindergartens, lessons for the public (eg. Kids in Motion in Herink), but also individual dance lessons 1:1 or 1:2, which are popular especially among advanced students and adults.

Our goal is to give students a natural form of movement and dance using modern dance trends to enhance their health and physical abilities . Students will also learn the correct perception of music and rhythm. Our teachers have the necessary education, experience, language skills and relevant certificates.

In special courses for schools we mostly use elements of different genres. Students can thus learn and combine dance patterns, in particular from popular MTV Style and Street dance, i.e. hip hop, breakdance, disco, dancehall, funk, R & B.

InIndividual dance lessons jare tailor made to individual clients. The lessons are led by specialists on the requested styles. The length of these classes is usually in the range of 60-90 min.

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