Thomass Man Music School


School Year 2017-2018

Our music & dance tuition starts on September 4th, 2017. Please contact your curent teachers for more details about days […]


Instrument Rental – newly short term

We expanded our music instrument rental for a short term lease. For more details, please see a section Rent or […]



Length of
a lesson
Price for
a lesson
Month payment
(4 lessons)
Semestral Payment
(16 lessons)
30 minutes* 400,- Kč* 1.600,- Kč* 6.400,- Kč*
45 minutes 600,- Kč 2.400,- Kč 9.600,- Kč
60 minutes 800,- Kč 3.200,- Kč 12.800,- Kč
75 minutes 1.000,- Kč 4.000,- Kč 16.000,- Kč
90 minutes 1.200,- Kč 4.800,- Kč 19.200,- Kč

Lessons outside of Prague: +100 Kč per a lesson

*The 30 minute lessons are provided only exceptionally, e.g. for pre-school kids in kindergartens or if they are more lessons in a row. If there is only one individual 30 minute lesson the charge is 500 Kč.

Prices include teachers’ commutation within Prague and correspond to their qualification, experience and language skills. Please consider that for one home lesson our teachers usually spend another 75-90 min. with travelling.

The prices are final, there is no additional VAT payment.
The lessons (except the first lesson) are paid in advance.

Enrolment fee of a student is 500 Kč. This fee is non-reimbursable. Enrolment fee for the second and other family members is decreased
by 50%
(250 CZK).

Semestral payment is counted individually and reflects total number of lessons which may slightly differ in relation to a frequence of school holidays at different schools.

All lessons are led by highly educated professionals who are graduates of conservatories or music and pedagogic universities
in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Piano accompaniment: 800 Kč for the first hour, then 600 Kč per hour. Concerts are counted individualy.

Cancellation of lessons: If you cannot make your lesson as originally planned please email us as soon as possible to or
at least 24 hours before the lesson
. In other cases you will be charged for the lesson in full. You can also contact your teacher directly and try to reschedule.