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“Our 12-year-old daughter took lessons from Tomas Mann for nearly three years. Tomas was great at keeping her interested and challenged, and he was patient when she hadn’t practiced or was unprepared.  In fact, one of the best things about Tomas was his grasp that many children don’t know how to practice.  He always devoted part of the lesson to working with her and showing her how to work through the difficult passages. Our daughter made real progress under his tutelage and had the opportunity to perform in recitals every six months. Tomas really added a musical dimension to her life that she would not otherwise have experienced.  I wholeheartedly recommend him!”

Mary Thompson-Jones

Chargé d’Affaires and Chief Deputy of the Mission
at the U.S. Embassy in Prague (2007-2010)

“My 13-year old daughter started playing piano with Markéta Čechová at Tomas Music School. After a year she liked the classes so much that she wanted to learn other instruments as well. Her choice was rather untypical: clarinet. We did not have such an instrument at home and Tomas Music School was very helpful to rent us an adequate clarinet for the daughter. We left Prague but the love both for piano and clarinet is still on and Ada is continuing her music classes. I appreciated very much flexibility in arranging the classes, very good communication and very professional concerts organised by the school.”

Agnieszka Nordbo

“My 10 years old daughter had always enjoyed singing but with her singing teacher Tatiana she started loving it. She was always looking forward to her lessons and happy afterwards longing for the next one. Tatiana had managed to improve very quickly her technical skills, focusing efficiently on areas of possible improvement, while still bringing joy to the lesson, being such a lovely and nice person. I can recommend her with trust to anybody. Such a shame we had to move to China… ”

Gaelle Lefebvre

Tomas - we sure miss you as well – you were (are) a great teacher – very obvious that you have a wonderful talent for teaching children of all ages – just watching your students at the recitals the past years – very clear they all had a lot of confidence and trust in you – this is a very special gift that you have – I recognize this as a teacher myself – so want to personally thank you for that and for the friendship and relationship we enjoyed during our time in Prague.”

John and Martina Strong
Martina Strong is currently Political – Economic Counselor
at the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw

“It is my pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for the Thomas International School of Music in Prague. I can speak with confidence about the skills and professionalism of the singing and piano teachers for our family. The teachers (Kateřina Steinerová and Markéta Čechová) have worked patiently and creatively to develop musical ability, and always made lessons enjoyable and inspiring. I highly recommend the Tomas Music School to anyone who wants to try an instrument, improve singing skills or develop their appreciation of music.”

Elizabeth N. (Prague)

“We lived in Prague for one year, and our two children took in-home music lessons with Thomas International School of Music.

My 13 year old daughter took guitar lessons with Tomas Honek. She had tried a couple of guitar teachers from other schools first, but found Tomas to be a great teacher and a good fit for her. He is very patient and offered very good instruction.  After about 6 months of Charlotte’s lessons, I decided I would like to try guitar for the first time, and also took lessons from Tomas.

My 15 year old son studied piano with Tomas Mann, who is a great teacher and motivator. Tomas was very flexible in meeting Matthew’s particular music selections, often finding music online to meet his interests. Matthew always looked forward to his lessons, and improved his played immensely over the year. We also purchased an electric keyboard Yamaha through Tomas, who guided us in our selection, and even delivered the keyboard to our home right before Christmas.”

I would recommend Thomas International School of Music without hesitation.”

Elizabeth (from Philadelphia USA)