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Anton Zhdanovich


Languages: English, Russian, Belarussian, Czech

Specialization: Drum kit (jazz, funk, rock atd.) and classical orchestral instruments (small drum, marimba, vibraphone, timpani). Teaching of pre-school children

Experience: Anton has been privately teaching since 2007
2012 Summer master-class teacher of snare drum at Prague Conservatory
2007-2008 Percussion Teacher at Music school of City of Soligorsk in Belarus

Education: 2011 Academy of Performing Arts in Prague
2005 - 2010 State music college of Belarussian Academy of Music
2000 - 2004 Music school of Soligorsk in Belarus
Masterclasses and festivals: 2013 & 2011 International Drum festival (Vilnius, Lithuania), 2012 Drum festival (Brno); 2010 „Symposyum“ (Trstenice); 2009 „Crossdrumming“ (Warsaw, Polsko); 2009 Master class in Moscow (Russia)


2013 – Member of the Prague Chamber Philharmony Academy; 2012 – The 2nd prize of the International Eugen’s Coca music competition in Kishinev, Moldova; 2009-2010 The soloist of the State Belorussian Chamber Philharmonic orchestra; 2009 – The 3rd prize of the Republican “Timpani-marathon” in Minsk, Belarus; 2007 – The 2nd prize of the Republican “Snare drum-marathon” in Minsk, Belarus; 2006 – The 3rd prize of the Republican “Marimba-marathon” in Minsk, Belarus; 2004 – The 1st prize of the International competition „Muzyka nadzei“ in Gomel, Belarus

Note: 2013 Scholarship holder of the Czech Music Foundation.
Since 2012 - Performer and Composer of the recycle drum-show "RECYKLAS"