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Terezie Švarcová, BA

Piano & Singing

Languages: English, Italian, Czech

Specialization: Classical, popular and folk music

2009-2013 Professor of singing and Italian language at International Conservatory in Prague
2008 Teacher of singing and piano at Music School of Z. Mrkos in Brno
Since 2000 teacher of Italian language

2009-2012 Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (Prof. Juraj Filas)
2008-2009 Janářek Academy of Performing Arts in Brno (Prof. Leoš Faltus)
1997-2008 Prague Conservatory - singing and composition

Note: Terezie actively performs and cooperates with number of theatres - Theatre of F.X. Šalda in Liberec, National Moravia - Silesian theatre in Olomouc, Selesian theatre in Opava and others. She has performed in more than 20 operas.

Youtube Singing: